Annehem Fastigheter as an investment

Annehem Fastigheter is a growth-driven property company with a well-defined strategy for growing and developing the portfolio. Alongside expanding the portfolio by acquiring properties, the company has a plan for increasing the value of the existing portfolio through active management and refinement. By investing in different property types in Nordic growth regions where it already has a portfolio, the company increases its diversification, at the same time as property management can be streamlined and provide economies of scale.

Solid pipeline

Annehem Fastigheter has entered into an agreement with Peab for the acquisition of two commercial real estate properties that are planned to be completed in 2021. In addition, the company has signed an agreement with Peab for the acquisition of residential properties, located in close proximity to the company's existing holdings in Gothenburg and Malmö. Annehem Fastigheter also intends to further diversify its portfolio through the acquisition of community and residential properties.

Modern and flexible property portfolio

The existing portfolio consists mainly of modern, flexible and environmentally adapted properties of high quality, where just over 80 per cent have been built over the past five years. The office properties are built with a flexible floor plan, which means that they can be designed for different purposes and thus adapted to the tenants' business development. As a result, the vacancy rate is low, operating costs are low and the properties are leased on long-term contracts to stable customers.

Geographical prioritization for efficient active management

Annehem Fastigheter's property portfolio is focused on geographical regions where population growth is higher than average. In addition, the growth is supported by the urbanization and sustainability trend that is taking place in the Nordic region. The properties have good communications to and from the city centers. The property portfolio is divided into two priority regions: Region Huvudstad, consisting of Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki, and Region Syd with holdings mainly in Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg. Through the company's geographical prioritization, positive structural trends are captured and a diversification is achieved while the company can provide tenants with focused, efficient and active property management.

Financial position enables growth

Annehem Fastigheter has a good financial position with a high equity ratio and a low loan-to-value ratio. The financial position enables us to make acquisitions, with the aim of growing the property portfolio in the prioritized growth regions.

Experienced and proven group management and board

The management in Annehem Fastigheter has strong qualifications with broad experience from the real estate sector. The management is well suited to run a new company with a growth strategy and to work according to a flexible and decentralized organizational structure. The board consists of experienced board members and will be an important support during the company's growth journey.

Solid Customer Base