Press releases

2022-12-01 09:00

Annehem Fastigheter and the municipality Ängelholms kommun has signed an agreement for the creation of a preschool in Valhall Park. The preschool is planned to have seven departments and a total capacity of more than 100 children. The lease contract runs until 2032 and encompasses ca 2,000 sqm.

2022-11-07 10:00

Annehem Fastigheter is reorganising and changing the company's segments. The new segments will consist of Region Sweden and Region Other Nordic (Finland and Norway), formerly Region Capital and Region South. The segment change will be implemented from 1 January 2023.

2022-10-27 08:00

Annehem Fastigheter is stable in a challenging environment. A continued growth in net operating income which increased by 16.8 percent during the year. The economic occupancy rate was 95.0 percent and the average contract length was 5.5 years. A net loan-to-value ratio amounting to 37.8 percent, based solely on bank financing, makes the company well able to act on acquisition opportunities moving forward.

2022-10-05 09:00

Viveka Frankendal who has been Annehem Fastigheter's COO since 1 Mars 2021 will resign from her position in November 2022, after an agreement between the parties.

2022-07-20 08:00

Strong trend for net operating income

During the year, net operating income increased 14.7 percent. The economic occupancy rate was 95.0 percent and the average contract length was 5.5 years. On 30 June, the property value was SEK 4,388.5 million, a capital appreciation of SEK 111.2 million, or 2.7 percent, during the quarter.

2022-07-15 11:00

Annehem Fastigheter and Peab Projektutveckling have signed an agreement for a land purchase of approximately 58,000 sqm with Sundsvalls Logistikpark AB in Sundsvalls Logistikpark, Tunadal-Korsta-Ortviken. Annehem and Peab have formed a joint venture to develop a modern and sustainable logistics facility of approximately 28,000 sqm gross area in the logistics park.

2022-05-31 17:42

Annehem has taken into possession the Almnäs 5:28 property with a newly built environmentally certified logistics building where PostNord is the tenant. The property is located in Almnäs, an expansive industrial area outside Södertälje.

2022-05-19 11:54

At the annual general meeting in Annehem Fastigheter AB (publ) today, the below resolutions were made. The Annual shareholders meeting was held by physical presence of shareholders and with the option for shareholders to exercise their voting rights by advance voting (postal voting).

2022-05-10 10:00

Annehem Fastigheter ABs (publ) shares receive a green designation according to Nasdaq Green Equity Designation. The green label is proof that more than 50 percent of Annehems sales come from activities that are green and that the business continues to invest a significant proportion in green investments.